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Rare Earth Metals


The rare earth metals production line, the largest line of middle-heavy rare earth metals in China, is engaged in developing, researching and manufacturing the middle-heavy rare earth metals. The line was certified by ISO9001 quality system in 1998. The line can supply more than 20 kinds of rare earth metals products with purities from 99.0% to 99.99%, such as Dy, Y, Yb, Sm, Tb, high purified Dy and high purified Tb etc. The productive capacity of the line reaches to 200 tons of rare earth metals per year. The rare earth metal products are high quality, high purified, and low impurities for advanced technologies. The RE metals have been widely used for producing advanced functional materials, such as NdFeB magnets, magneto-strictive materials, MO-disk etc. The rare earth metal products are sold in China, USA, Europe, and Japan etc.

Main Rare Earth Metals and Corresponding Methods
(1) Intermediate Alloy Method
      Dy, Y, Tb, Gd, Er, Ho, Lu and Sc;
(2) Reduction Distillation Method
      Sm, Eu, Yb and Tm;
(3) Vacuum Distillation Method
      High purified Dy, Tb, Gd, Er, Ho and Sc.
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