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Invitation to "2001 Baotou International Exhibition on the Development and Application of the Rare Earth Resources"

Advances in the Project "Engineering Research and Development on Phosphors for Plasma Display Panels"

This project charged by GRINM is undertaken in GRINM, Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, and Changchun Institute of Optics, Mechanics and Physics. Through one year's hard working, great progress has been made as follows:

  • The Design and Manufacture of the PDP-II Vacuum Ultraviolet Spectroradiometer
  • The Development of the Phosphors for PDP

    High-purified Rare Earth Metals Industrial Model Project

    High-temperature, high-vacuum distilling furnace has been used for producing many kinds of middle-heavy rare-earth metals. The distilling furnace was designed and manufactured by General Research Institute for Non-ferrous Metals (GRINM). Equipment used for producing Sm metal reaches advanced level in the world. The equipment can yield more than 100kg Sm metal per furnace. GRINM has designed and manufactured many big reducing furnaces and distilling furnaces. The yields can reach 70-100kg rare-earth metals per reducing furnace and 500-800kg rare-earth metals per distilling furnace.

    The project will be finished in 2002. After the project having been finished, GRINM will be formed producing rare-earth metals and special alloys base. The yields will reach 200 tons many kinds of rare-earth metals and 300 tons special alloys per year.

    National Conference of the Directors of Rare Earth Offices Held in Beijing

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